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INHABIT are a 4 piece Metalcore band from the city of Liverpool.

The band was formed in 2014.

Their bio on Facebook reads, "INHABIT Are a crazy fusion of styles that will cut your face like a chainsaw, rock your soul and give you soul to rock".

We have seen INHABIT live many a time and can confirm that this statement is in fact true!!!

We would describe INHABIT'S live shows as "full of energy / passionate and breath taking".

Every show they play every fucker in the building is nodding their head to the catchy tunes that they provide.

Their influences include Korn, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Ill Nino, P.O.D, RATM and Skindread.

You can really hear this on their Album "We Are One" witch features 9 high octane originals and one cover of "Dai The Flu" by the popular band DEFTONES.

"We Are One" is a excellent Album that has synth elements with heavy guitars and fast drum parts.

The track "Head Up High" caught our attention with its catchy leads and aggressive vocals and is probably our favourite track on this release.

You can catch Inhabit live around the Northwest pretty regularly.

Keep a eye on their FACEBOOK for gig updates and other news!

Band Members:

Chop Chopz - Vocals Andy Bailey - Electronics/Guitars Josh Howell - Drums Alex Cottrell - Bass

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