• Lee

Shadow Of Intent - Reclaimer

We have been listening to Shadow Of Intent's newest Album "Reclaimer" since its release date on 28th April 2017.

We have decided to feature this album on our blog due to the sheer brilliance we believe this album holds.

We loved their former full-length "Primordial" and was stoked for what was to follow.

The day Reclaimer was released we blasted it in the studio... HOLY FUCK!!!

We were hooked from the start.

A brilliant consistent album that features 12 jaw dropping tracks.

The quality of the instruments are insane and being complemented by their vocalist Ben Duerr make it something truly special!

“The Catacombs” featuring Infant Annihilator’s Dickie Allen and with Ingested’s Jason Evans is a solid track capturing filthy, heavy riffs with brutal slamming vocals!

To make things even better.... the theme of Shadow Of Intent is based around the popular game HALO so you better know it that it holds a special place in our hearts!

We have to say that our favourite track is The Return. the intro starts off with a catchy dark sounding synth followed by heavy guitars and pumping drums. then the vocals start.... and shit hits the fan!

You have to hand it to the lads for creating such a well deserved, loyal fan base.

Whats your thoughts on "Reclaimer"?

We think this album is still holding out to be ONE of this years best full- lengths!!!

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