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Aku Feature - Triples Alley

Aku Studios Feature - Triples Alley

Triples Alley

A 5 piece Pop Punk band from San Francisco


Patrik- vocals

Noel - drums

Bobby - guitar

Drew - guitar

Forbes - bass

Triples Alley is a pop punk band from the East Bay area. Forged out of members of several different bands from varying bay area music scenes, such as punk, hardcore, indie pop, and death metal, the members of the band decided to pay tribute to a genre they all grew up listening to, pop punk from the early 00's, but also adding their new musical influences to give it a modern unique twist

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Released August 20, 2015

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Donald Scully at the Voice Box Recordings, Concord, CA. Artwork by Matt Klass.

Holy POP PUNK!!!

We found it so easy to listen to this Albumfrom start to finish!

The music keeps you interested constantly, it reminded us of our high school days.

There are A LOT of pop punk bands out there that all kind of sound the same, but Triples Alley have a modern sound witch goes hand in hand with the "old school" pop punk.

Kind of like Blink 182 meets A Day To Remember, (We dig it!!!)

We really Enjoyed the song "Looking Back" but they are all really good.

Aku Studios highly recommend you check these guys music out!

"FORGETTING NOSTALGIA" is a very good, well produced Album witch catchy songs and awesome riffs.

We are going to keep a eye on these guys as they are killing it for the pop punk scene!

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