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Aku Feature - Battalia

Aku Studios Feature - Battalia


A 6 piece Power Metal band from the Northwest UK (Southport)


Josh Berringron

Simon Preston

Harry 'Sloth' Wallis

Andy Catterall

Will Cope

Alex Boylan

Battalia have been on the music scene for the last 2 years playing around the Liverpool / Southport area. We had the band in AKU STUDIOS for a interview which can be seen below

Battalia was originally formed by Guitarist Simon Preston and singer Josh Berrington who played Bass for their duet project. With the addition of Sloth and another vocalist, they started to go down the route of Death Metal. But soon, out came a whole new line up featuring Josh Berrington on vocals and Andy Catterall on Keyboards they started experimenting and writing new material. After an article in the local newspaper, the band gained two members: Will Cope and Andy Short.

After numerous appearances in local newspapers and being plastered all over Facebook, Battalia became known in the Southport area.

Battalia strive to write anthemic bangers with funky keyboard riffs, shredding bluesy guitar and mad drums.

The band enjoy breaking things

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