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Come to our professionally fitted recording studio and get the best possible quality for your music!

We record any instrument and any style of music.

Our DRUM ROOM is fully fitted with noise dampening panels in order to get the best sound direct from the instrument. 

Our mix room has been specially designed to give the best listening environment possible and features Auralex acoustic treatment which allows us to pinpoint unruly audio frequencies at a frightening detail.
If you’ve worked hard creating the best takes why not invest in your music and get a professional shine via our mix service.

We work closely with the artist(s) to get the best sound for their project.

We like to keep your time in the studio as laid back as possible while sticking to targets and keeping on track with getting your music down!

We mix and master your music ether in our mixing studio on our own or you can book in to come down and mix and master your music with us.

Want us to help you get your music on radio stations and on streaming platforms?

Getting your music out there can be fairly hard and time consuming. let us help you and get the best possible outcome!

Want your live music recorded at a show?

We offer live recording packages where we come down to your live show and record the audio and capture video of your live performance, mixed and mastered and put together with a fully edited video!